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Is Mobilegeddon a good thing?

The end (of non-responsive design) is nigh!

Whenever we hear Mobilegeddon we hear a wrestling announcer’s echoic baritone voice for some reason.

But is it really so ominous? Could Mobilegeddon maybe even be a good thing?

We think so. Historically, Google’s algorithms have pushed the web forward by punishing irrelevant, annoying and spammy content. This upcoming update will punish unwieldy, dated design. Perhaps it’s about time.

A lot of people don’t think about design much. They think it’s just the pretty wrapping that content comes in. As business-minded web-design folk, we know that’s not true. We stare at websites all day. We recognize the joy we get from a well-designed site, and the aggravation of a poorly designed one. And we know that people navigate away from poorly designed sites, whether they know why they hate it or not.

We also know that, as technology and aesthetics change, what was once a well-designed site can become a poorly-designed site in a few short years. These changes are sometimes based on aesthetic fads, sometimes based on changes in technology and sometimes based on actual changes in human behaviour. The shift towards a mobile-friendly web is based on the latter. People are simply accessing the web using small-screen mobile devices more than ever. So don’t think of this as Google arbitrarily enforcing a ridiculous standard. Google’s algorithms may drive the next big wave of mobile site conversions, the real driver behind Google is the needs of web users (and through them, Google’s advertisers).

But it’s not fair!

“But wait,” you say, “My site works fine for desktops. So what if the few outliers who surf on their phones and tablets have to scroll a bit? Why should I suffer?”

Mobile surfers were outliers in 2005. In 2015, the majority of surfing happens on mobile devices, and providing a good experience to mobile-surfers is an essential part of having a good website. Take the time and money to offer a good mobile experience and (1) your audience will be happier and (2) more people will find you. It’s that simple, and why we’ve obsessed over mobile-friendly design from the very beginning.

Benefits of mobile sites

To those of you who already have mobile-friendly sites (or are facing down a redesign), Mobilegeddon might just be the best thing that can happen for your rankings. As others in your industry lose rank for offering clunky, pinch-and-zoom mobile experiences, your site will rise to the front page. More people will poke at your link. More people will enjoy your content and shop for your knick-knacks while riding subways, procrastinating at work and waiting for takeout. Awesome sauce!

So, is Mobilegeddon a good thing? We think so. If your site is already mobile-friendly, Mobilegeddon isn’t a threat. It’s an opportunity.’

Find out if your site makes the cut here.

Find out what you can do about it here.

Or check out our handy Mobilegeddon fact sheet.

If you’re not quite mobile yet and want to make the change to responsive design, can help (wink wink). Contact us today.


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