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    True Marketing Starts with Employees, Ends with the Product

    By Andrea Jacques/ While delivering a series of leadership workshops across Canada, I was surprised by the response some well-known companies’ values, purpose and vision statements elicited … laughter. To elaborate, leadership participants were given a list and asked to choose which ones most excited or inspired them. Interestingly, many...
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    Branding With Integrity

    by Andrea Jacques/ Everyone has blind spots – those wonderful places where how we see ourselves lives in blissful ignorance of how the rest of the world knows us to be. Blind spots also exist in organizations – often as cultural black holes of denial or virtual farms full...
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    3 Key Places to Invest Your Marketing Dollars

    Is cheap really cheaper? Saving money is always good. That doesn’t always mean spending less. In this video from Entrepreneur Magazine, Karen Leyland tells us that one of the classic mistakes businesses and start-ups make when branding or marketing is cutting costs in critical areas such as websites and...

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