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Assisted Wear sells clothing for people who face physical challenges making regular clothing difficult or impossible to wear. Featuring the legendary David Lindsay collection by designer Sally Aydon, the site is steadily growing in popularity.

As interesting as Sally’s unique clothing line, the story behind her site’s development is also the stuff of legend around here.

Question: What can you accomplish if your client needs to be back in New Zealand with a new site by week’s end? Answer: … a helluva lot.

Fueled by copious coffee and Bailey’s, we worked side-by-side with Sally in our dedicated ‘war room’ to launch on time. We developed a logo, new brand and full, secure, eCommerce site in 10 days. We also did an SEO pass and taught Sally how to maintain the site and do her own product image crops and design.

So what’s the moral? When push comes to shove … bring Bailey’s and hunker down. Hard work doesn’t have to be hard with Kyosei on your side.