Technical Copywriting: Savvion Process Modeler

Savvion (now a part of Aurea) produces business process management software. Savvion’s Process Modeler allows users to create flow diagrams that can simulate business reality: communicating ideas for collaboration, testing for bottlenecks in processes and providing useful visual feedback for process improvement. Ultimately, Savvion’s software can be used to create crucial business apps with no coding knowledge or experience. Cool stuff.

Kyosei wrote the quick-start guide for Savvion Process Modeler to give users a fun head-start on using the software. Distilling 300+ pages of engineering documents into 30 pages of fun guide (and loving every minute of it), we developed and tested custom process models and screen-capped the results for an accurate first timer experience. Our work covered everything from program start-up to running complicated simulations for business processes (and everything in between).