MVSABC |Web Design, Solutions Development, Data Migration

Platform migrations can be a persnickety affair for enterprise companies. Not only is extensive project planning and systems analysis required, sometimes it can be challenging to pull data out of old legacy systems. With this in mind, MVSABC — the licensing body for motor vehicle dealerships in BC, had some obvious trepidation about migrating and upgrading their hosting platform to something new. Add to this a mandate for a better, more intuitive navigation experience and a demand for user-friendliness, and you have a tall order indeed!

Migrating 750+ pages and assets, Kyosei Creative systematically built-up a layer by layer structural understanding of the MVSABC requirement, and then translated that into a custom back-end solution that works the way MVSABC needs to. Intuitive and clean, the new MVSABC site has received raves from users and organizations like the BBB, alike.