Web Design: Uniting the World

The charitable foundation of CSLI, a prominent Canadian ESL school, Uniting the World highlights the many project that the students, staff and owners have undertaken to make the world a better place. As diverse as CSLI’s many charitable acts, Kyosei built and designed a site embracing numerous technologies to showcase their numerous noble acts. Here’s a few of the features we think are most cool:

  • The site live streams a soundtrack created by a former student.
  • Uniting the World automatically pulls in news from other sites that CSLI runs or sponsors including student news and charitable activities.
  • As part of their fundraising efforts for microcredit, one of the CSLI owners biked across Canada. We tied into his bike’s GPS tracker to show a real-time map on the site of his progress.
  • We pulled in hundreds of student and staff posts from a now defunct CMS to highlight CSLI’s tremendous involvement in the Vancouver Winter Olympics.
  • The site makes it easy to add new projects and related pages for each area of their involvement.

Visit: http://unitingtheworld.org