Vision Event Photography web design, copywriting and brand development project by Kyosei Creative (2016)

The challenge

Vision Event Photography is one of Vancouver’s most lively, dynamic event photography agencies — so we knew we had to deliver one of the industry’s most lively and dynamic brands. Vision needed the full-meal deal: a modernized logo, new business cards and a website with fresh copy (we were asked for “words of wow”). Our challenge: the design needed to be as bold and friendly as the agency’s owner, the fantastic Mark Kinskofer. The website had to showcase Vision’s photos, but stay on-brand. It had to draw in eyeballs, but still read as professional. The copy had to be clear, yet fun. Simply put, it had to be memorable.

The new Vision Event Photography logo

Here’s Vision’s updated logo, created by our in-house graphic designer. It maintained Vision’s original colors but sharpened up the lines and text.


Our creative web development process

As Kyosei's graphic designer finished the new logo, our web development team put together a truly colorful site. After some thought, we decided to go bold. Bright, angled colored sections set off Vision's iconic original photography. Tasteful gear shots pop out of the page to draw the viewer in.

We also developed custom functionality: the "Instagram" section, embedded in a phone graphic on the main page, updates dynamically based on Vision's Instagram. We also built out time-saving quote forms to help event organizers contact Vision Event Photography with all information needed for a quick quote. Best of all, our custom forms feed leads directly into the Vision CRM! Everybody wins.

For users, the website is fast and fun; for Vision employees, the website makes life easy. We've put in a lot of care to make sure every detail contributes to the overall brand. And, like every website made by Kyosei, it's totally responsive, so you can check it out from anywhere!